Dawit: From Poor and Orphaned to College Graduate

Sponsorship Transforms Families in Ethiopia

As an Ethiopian orphan, Dawit could barely find enough to eat, much less imagine that one day he’d be a college graduate.

He and his siblings lost both parents and were raised by their elderly grandmother, who tried her best to provide for the family by spinning cotton. But it was never enough. As a child, Dawit spent most of his time helping in any way he could. With all his responsibilities, he wasn’t able to focus on his studies.

Then, he entered the Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program.

Thanks to his sponsor, Dawit was able to earn his degree from Mekelle Institute of Technology in Tigray, Ethiopia and has been appointed an associate lecturer at the local university.

Sponsorship provides a small monthly stipend that pays for necessities as well as family counseling and support. With the basics taken care of, Dawit was able to attend to his studies—so important to break free from poverty.

“Dawit always looked happy because he no longer had anything that interrupted his schooling,” recalls his social worker, Muez Teklemariam.

Grateful for the chance he was given, Dawit worked hard and attended Mekelle Institute of Technology in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, where he graduated with a near-perfect 3.97 GPA from the computer science and engineering program.

I owe my success to the generous donors at Wide Horizons For Children who believed in me. I am so grateful for all you’ve done.

Today, Dawit has a bright future. He has been appointed an associate lecturer at the university—a job that allows him to help his family.

“I owe my success to the generous donors at Wide Horizons For Children who believed in me. I am so grateful for all you’ve done,” says Dawit.

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