International Adoption Fees

Wide Horizons For Children is transparent about our fees. We want to make paying for your adoption easy to understand. The cost of an international adoption depends on the range and type of adoption services provided; the international program selected; and related expenses, such as travel. Fee schedules for our each of our international programs can be found in our Adoption Information Guide.

Wide Horizons For Children charges three types of international adoption fees:

Agency Fees

These are fees that are paid directly to Wide Horizons For Children and cover our costs to process and manage your adoption. Agency fees include:

  • Registration fee
  • Home study fees (if being conducted by Wide Horizons For Children)
  • Four agency fees related to milestones in the adoption process
  • Post Placement fees

Third-Party Costs

These are fees that are either collected by Wide Horizons for Children and paid to third-party providers, or you will be required to pay directly to third-party providers, such as governments, educational organizations or partner agencies. These fees may include:

  • In-country fees
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) fees
  • Adoption education class fees
  • Psychological evaluation or other evaluation service fees
  • Dossier preparation fees
  • Preadoption medical review of child referral material
  • In-state adoption re-finalization

Travel Costs

Travel expenses vary greatly depending on the number of people in your travel party, the time of year that you travel and your personal preferences. Travel expenses include:

  • International and domestic airfare
  • Lodging, meals and ground transportation
  • Visas (if required)