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The best adoption stories are written by the experts – adoptive families!  Read our collection of family stories below, each one written by an adoptive family or a family who lives were touched by adoption. Come back each month to see new stories as we post them.

Do you have your own story to tell? Please share it with Wide Horizons For Children!  Send us your family story or even a photo that has brought joy, challenge, laughter, or perspective to your life.  Story submissions will be reviewed monthly and posted to this page. We accept new material or entries from a previously-written blog post, journal or article.  Thanks for contributing!

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Amazing Accomplishment!

Evan, now 12, adopted from South Korea, after winning the silver medal in cadet (12-14 years) red belt welter weight sparring at the 2019 USA Taekwondo National Championships in Minneapolis.

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All Grown Up

We traveled with our four Guatemalan-born children Amelia, Ted, Joe, Maria (all adopted as infants) to Antigua Guatemala in July 2018.
Family formed with the help of WHFC – forever grateful! Kenny and Judy Borowy

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Defining Family

Our second year has been filled with lots of small moments where we have slowed down to connect, heal, and build something new. We will all admit that what we are building is not perfect and the process is often messy. But… it is us weaving our lives together. It is how we define our family.

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We Wait No More

We spent two weeks together in China doing all the paperwork that had to be done to get you home to your forever family. You were so patient, we went everywhere together, doctor’s visit, adoption finalization, notary paperwork and you took it all in stride. Funny, together we waited.

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When I began my adoption journey so many years ago, Mary Lou asked me if I had any child in mind to adopt.

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Saying YES

At age 42, I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore for my life to work out perfectly. I hadn’t found the husband that I thought I would, but I decided that, while I needed to be someone’s mother, I didn’t have to be someone’s wife.

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My adoption story…

My name is Sue and I will start with today… my daughter Thea is 19 years old.. I adopted her from Cambodia through WHFC 18 years ago.. people always say to me that I saved her life and I say nooooo she saved my life!!

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Rain Story
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Nature vs. Nurture

Our son Seko was born in a village in Ethiopia called Shebedino. It is a very rural community. A six hour, long, bumpy drive from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Shebedino is a community that widely consists of very poor subsistence farmers.

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Dasha was immediately accepted with open arms into our family and circle of friends. She is amazing and wonderful and has been such a blessing over the past year.

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At Wide Horizons For Children, we believe in the power of free speech and welcome many voices and opinions.  All stories on this page have been written and submitted by adoptive families or those touched by adoption.  Stories have not been edited or altered in anyway by Wide Horizons or its staff.” 


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