Vocational Training

Children who are abandoned and living in orphanages need guidance as they get older to help them become self-sufficient adults. The situation for older children is even more challenging in Moldova, because it is the poorest country in Europe and international adoption is not viable. As teenage orphans “age out” of Moldovan orphanages without job skills or a place to live, they face an uncertain future. Many turn to crime or prostitution, abuse drugs or fall victim to human trafficking.

Since 2008, Wide Horizons For Children has partnered with Insula Sperantelor—”Universe of Hope”—to provide a brighter future for those facing the grim probability of life on the streets.

Wide Horizons For Children supports 12 orphaned teenagers in Moldova every year. Each teen receives job training at Insula Sperantelor, living expenses and support from psychologists and social workers who help them learn the practical skills they need to live independently. Upon graduation, these young people are given jobs and housing assistance. Insula Sperantelor supports the students for several years after graduation.

Each year, all teenagers in the program are hired as full-time employees at the end of their training year. Insula Sperantelor graduates are sought after in the workplace because of the exceptional quality of their training.

Today, almost 70% of all of Wide Horizons For Children supported teens are currently employed and no longer face a life on the streets that few of us can imagine.

Thank you for your kind-heartedness in helping children like me in difficult situations. I have studied to be a hair stylist and manicurist and look forward to working.
Graduate Insula Sperantelor