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What We Believe

We believe the world looks different once you’ve looked into the eyes of a child in crisis. You see their innocence and their possibilities. In an instant, your priorities change. You deepen your resolve to help.

We believe in committing to a singular cause and for more than 40 years, Wide Horizons For Children has been driven to help the most vulnerable children in the world: those living in poverty, at risk of abandonment, and orphaned children living in institutions.

We believe transforming lives takes decades of experience and dedication, because children deserve nothing less than their best chance to have better lives.

We believe in research and our own experience that tells us a child’s ability to survive and thrive is when they are in a family —whether the birth family, an adoptive family, or a family of trained and nurturing caregivers.

We believe that family has an unrivaled ability
to transform the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child.

How We Help

Wide Horizons For Children is dedicated to the well-being and security of vulnerable and orphaned children worldwide.

Through a range of innovative programs, we:

  • Keep vulnerable families together
  • Provide loving, quality care for children living in orphanages
  • Build and support families through adoption

Our Impact

Our mission began in 1972, when a few compassionate individuals started a feeding center in war-torn Saigon to save starving and abandoned children. Since then, we’ve worked in nearly 60 countries and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

In 2017:


It’s an honor to work with my colleagues at Wide Horizons For Children. Having traveled with them to Africa and Guatemala, I have witnessed their dedication, strong ethics and high standards, their effective programs that strengthen families and their commitment to every child and family they serve.


—Tom Difilipo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)



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