Amelia & Frankie

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Amelia born October 2009

Frankie born March 2011

Amelia and Frankie are waiting to find their forever home!  These siblings unfortunately lived through an unstable and unhealthy past without the support they needed.  They lacked formal education prior to coming into care and both showed significant academic delays. Their initial academic challenges, however, were due to lack of prior learning habits and did not correlate with their cognitive abilities. Amelia and Frankie have since made incredible advancements noted by their teachers that highlight their resilience and ability for success.  While they both still need additional support, Amelia and Frankie are intelligent children who have incredibly bright futures ahead of them!

Amelia is a self-confident superstar who loves to sing and dance to karaoke.  Amelia also has amazing creativity and loves to let her imagination run wild while playing games of teacher, doctor, and chef.  She hopes her fictional play can become a reality one day too, as she dreams of being a doctor! Amelia has strong social intelligence and displays natural leadership qualities.  She easily creates close bonds with her peers and enjoys spending time with her friends.  Amelia’s stronger subjects in school are reading and writing.  She also enjoys writing in her free time and often composes sweet notes to her foster mother.  These acts of love showcase Amelia’s affectionate nature and reveal her ability to bond with her caretakers, despite her uncertain past.

Frankie is an incredibly resilient and strong little boy who adapts to change well.  He has high intelligence and picks up new skills and concepts easily and quickly.  In the face of challenges, Frankie is described as showing good self-control and problem-solving skills. His favorite subject in school is Art class and he can’t wait to have parents to give his masterpieces to!  Academically, he performs well in math but needs support in reading and writing as his comprehension is low.  He is very respectful with his teachers and always abides by the classroom rules.  Frankie is an active boy who loves to play soccer and hide and seek with his friends!  He also enjoys spending time with his sister and foster family, and loves to get takeout food and watch a movie on TV together.

These siblings need a loving home to call their own.  Frankie and Amelia are healthy and happy kids looking for consistency, support, and unconditional love. Despite their uncertain past, Frankie and Amelia share certainty in their desire for a family.  It is reported that Frankie’s face lights up with pure happiness and love when talking about adoption.  Both Frankie and Amelia reflect joy when talking about their future family together and can’t wait to have a life full of love and support with YOU!


Married couples and singles up to age 56 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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