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Ari – born December 2011

Ari is so much fun!  He loves spending his afternoons at the park, painting beautiful pictures, and learning how to roller-skate.  Ari came into care in 2019 because his biological family unfortunately lacked the resources to adequately care for him.  He now lives with a loving foster family where he made a great transition.  He has integrated into a new family dynamic well, is respectful of the house rules, and has shown great adaptability and resilience.  Family time is important for Ari and he enjoys going on fun outings with his foster family.  His favorite activity is when they take him to the circus to see acrobatic performers and animals.  Ari can’t wait to share more fun memories with YOU and his forever family.

Ari has a diagnosis of Mild Developmental Delay that affects his short-term memory, language acquisition, and attention span.  Because of this, Ari succeeds best in a Special Education Program.  He shows great interest in learning and completing academic tasks but faces challenges acquiring new skills because of his affected memory.  Through supportive teachers and engaging lesson plans, Ari’s continues to make improvements.  He is great with numbers and performs well at simple arithmetic!  Ari’s teachers and occupational therapists have noted that despite his learning disability, he has excellent working memory and has the desire and ability to learn and develop new skills! Ari is a very respectful and kind little boy.  He always follows the rules and looks for ways to lend a helpful hand.  One day, Ari even hopes to become a police officer where he can continue helping those in need!

Ari is such a sweet boy who is looking for his forever home.  When asked about adoption, Ari responds positively, saying that he wants his family to be loving, to be able to talk care of him, and to play games with him.  Get ready for game nights with Ari!


Married couples and singles up to age 59 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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