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Born April 2016


This sweet boy is Danny!  Danny is adored by his foster family who he has been living with for the last three years after being removed from an unstable environment with his birth mother.  Curiosity is innate for Danny; he is always exploring and engaging with the world around him.  Danny is also very social and affectionate and will be a loving addition to his new family, showering everyone with hugs and smiles.


Danny has a number of medical concerns that have caused Cognitive and psychomotor  developmental delays.  However he is an incredibly resilient young boy who loves to have a fun time!  A sweet video shows a little boy eager to follow directions and demonstrate his skills – always with an adorable smile!  With an interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists, Danny has significantly improved his independence and is strengthening his personal autonomy.  His language acquisition has been slow; however, Danny readily communicates his needs and emotions through short words, gestures, and signals.  He also loves mimicking animal sounds and saying “Mooo” like all the cows!  Danny is well liked in daycare and has many friends.  Teachers love Danny and have remarked on his impressive learning abilities paired with his infectious enthusiasm.


The right family for Danny needs to be prepared to support him with his medical and developmental needs.  Danny was born with congenital heart disease, a cleft palate (surgically corrected), and macrocephaly (a larger head and bulging forehead) with brain differences. Danny also has epilepsy that is well managed with medications.  Additionally, Danny has an umbilical hernia (part of his intestines pushing through the abdominal muscle) that was planned to be corrected surgically for late 2020; however, we have not received updates on that.


Danny will bring so much love and happiness into your lives!  He needs a caring family who can fully support his medical needs.  Danny loves listening to music and playing the guitar and is looking for a forever dance partner to spin around with!  Are you ready to shake your hips and wave your arms with Danny?


Married couples and singles up to age 49 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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