Ethan, Clara, Sophia, & Andres

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Ethan born August 2007

Clara born  June 2009

Sophia born August 2011

Andres born October 2014


Ethan, Clara, Sofia, and Andres are beautiful children inside and out. These 4 amazing kids had a rough start with an unstable and unhealthy environment.  When they first came into care, they struggled with learning the expectations of a family.  But soon their confidence grew and their respectful, calm, and affectionate personalities shone through.  This group of siblings is full of love, laughs, and fun times and they can’t wait to move to their forever home with you soon!

Ethan is the oldest of the siblings.  He is a respectful and caring boy who abides by the rules of the house and takes on responsibilities of helping to care for his younger siblings when needed.  He connects well with both peers and adults and is described as being “tender” and “loving” by his foster mother. He is currently exploring his sexuality and gender identity and needs a family who can support him through these emotions.  Ethan is on track in school but sometimes lacks motivation to complete his work.  Ethan loves to play basketball, ride his bicycle and read children’s stories with his younger siblings.  He is also very ambitious and hopes to become a doctor one day!

Despite the lack of prior family network, Clara is affectionate, intelligent, respectful, and independent which allows her to be a happy and successful young girl.  She loves school and has a high academic performance.  She is also very social and has many friends.  She can be shy at first around adults, but once she learns to trust them and gain confidence in a relationship, she bonds positively. Clara loves to draw, play with her dolls, and run around outside.

Sofia has a strong imagination and loves to play games that involve creativity and fantasy.  Her wandering imagination has led her to have a dream of traveling the world to see beautiful places.  She is obedient and respectful and even offers to help their foster mother with chores.  Initially, Sofia had minor academic difficulties but has since improved and does well both academically and socially.  While she continues to progress, she benefits from routine check-ups with an interdisciplinary team of therapists.  Sofia is a lovable girl who expresses happiness when receiving affection because it makes her feel valued and loved.

Andres is an affectionate young boy.  He has transitioned into care well and has gained a lot of independence.  He likes being able to do things on his own but has the skills to ask for help when needed. Andres is also benefiting from an interdisciplinary team of therapists.  Even though he is only in pre-school, Andres loves school and is always excited to go. Andres is a fun boy who likes to sing songs, play toy cars, and go to the park with his siblings and foster family.

These amazing siblings need a loving home to call their own.  They need a family to support them as they continue to cope with the adversities of their past.  They are all great kids with loving and kind personalities.  The bond they share with each other is powerfully strong and gives them each strength and resilience.  Ethan, Clara, Sofia, and Andres can’t wait to meet you!


Married couples and singles up to age 51 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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