Johnny, Valerie, Jazmin & Justin

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Johnny born March 2007

Valerie born September 2008

Jazmin born December 2011

Justin born November 2013

These beautiful siblings are loving and playful and express constant desire to have parents and a family of their own.  They have been in care since 2017 but lived their early years lacking the consistency and attention they needed.  They currently live in different foster homes; however, they visit together each week during sibling outings and readily express their love and appreciation for one another.  Although the separation is challenging at times, each kid has positively transitioned into their new foster home, showing great strength and resilience.  These 4 amazing kids are all physically and cognitively developing well are awaiting their forever home.

Johnny appreciates his role as oldest brother and always wants to set a good example.  He cares deeply about his sisters and brother and is dedicated to loving and supporting them.  Johnny has a mild academic delay due to lack of prior educational experience but is catching up with additional support from adults and teachers.  Johnny loves soccer!  He enjoys playing a game with his friends and also likes to watch professional games on TV.  Johnny also dreams of being a chef!  He hopes to go to culinary school one day and would love to cook up some yummy treats in the kitchen with his new family.

Like her brother, Valerie did not get needed academic support in her early years and has a low reading-writing performance in school.  She also has a minor speech delay and is being assessed by a speech therapy team to get the additional support she needs.  Despite these difficulties, she shows no signs of cognitive delay and just needs some added encouragement.  Valerie loves her siblings very much and expresses a desire to find their forever home.  Like kids her age she can be a bit bossy at times.  She is a fun girl who loves being a pre-teen!  Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she loves to dance, draw, play soccer and watch the Disney Channel.

Jazmin is adorable girl who has a positive attitude and always wants to have fun.  She is incredibly loving and seeks out relationships of affection from trusted adults in her life.  She performs great in school and always makes an effort to complete her homework.  She receives some additional support from a speech therapy team; however, she always manages to communicate her needs and feelings and interacts appropriately with adults and peers.  Jazmin transitions well to new settings with established routines and caring authority figures.  Jazmin is such a sweet-heart and always talks about meeting her new family who will love her.

Justin is the adorable and affectionate “baby” of the family.  He is a very active child who loves to play outside, kick a soccer ball, and do sports like wrestling.  He shows great interest in his school and really likes math class!  He follows the rules and routines of both the classroom and home setting without any difficulty.  He loves his siblings very much and is excited to meet his new family.  Justin has his goals set high and hopes to be an astronaut one day!  He dreams of traveling in a rocket ship to see the moon and the sun.  He states that “when quarantine is over, I would like to go to space”.  Justin is a fun-spirit and has loads of creativity.  While he may not be able to go to space when quarantine is over, help give him the opportunity to travel with his siblings to his forever home instead.


Married couples and singles up to age 51 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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