Kasey, Kylie & Kayden

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Kasey (F) born September 2011

Kylie (F) born November 2012

Kayden (M) born October 2013


Kasey, Kylie, and Kayden are loving siblings who are devoted to one another.  They did not live together when they were very young and during that time their lives were chaotic and unpredictable.  They have thrived being together and look forward to finding a Mom and Dad who will complete their family.

Kasey is a beautiful girl with shoulder length, thick black curly hair, dark brown rounded eyes and long eyelashes. She is in good health. She enjoys running, jumping, skipping, swimming, singing and dancing. She also likes art activities. She likes to color books and do crafts. As the big sister, she enjoys spending time with her siblings and wants to set the rules for them to follow. She plays and tells jokes with them.  Kasey can be shy around unfamiliar people and sometimes needs encouragement to participate in activities when in a new environment. She is respectful and obedient to adults.

Adorable Kylie has short, fine black hair, dark brown rounded eyes, light brown complexion and pierced ears. She is described as a sweet and sensitive child. She cries softly when her siblings take her toys. When she is disciplined, she takes the words to heart and will sometimes remove herself for a short time. There are times when she does not want to accept her mistakes and puts the blame on her siblings. Kylie is careful with and protective of her belongings.  She loves fancy dresses, head bands, handbags, bracelet and other pretty things. Kylie loves to run, jump, swim, climb, act, dance and sing nursery rhymes. She also loves pretend play and talks a lot when playing alone. When playing with her siblings, she giggles and laughs aloud. She can read a book and is always full of questions about the things she sees!

Kayden has dark brown rounded eyes, light brown complexion, fine black hair and a cute smile. He is a happy child who wants to loves to make funny faces and to be kissed and cuddled. He is close to his older sisters and always wants to be playing and spending time with them. He is usually a cooperative little boy but just like any child he misbehaves sometimes.  When he does, he takes a short break until he is calm. Kayden is an active boy who can perform somersault and balance on one foot. He enjoys running, climbing and playing hide and seek or memory games with his siblings. He also loves to ride his bicycle and swim in the pool.

Kasey, Kylie, and Kayden all look forward to having a family. They speak of having a Mama and Papa who will love and care for them.  And most of all they look forward to lots of family time having fun!


Married heterosexual couples with the mother no older than 52 are eligible

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through other adoption grant organizations


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