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Lydia is a happy and outgoing girl who loves to ride her bike, run around outside, and jump in the swimming pool on hot summer days. Unfortunately, Lydia’s birth mother lacked the resources to properly provide for her daughter and placed her in the protection program as an infant.  Since then, Lydia has been in two loving foster families but is now searching for her forever home!

Lydia is a wonderful girl with a fun and adventurous personality.  She is diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Delay and is enrolled in a special education program where she receives more personalized attention.  Despite this additional support, learning is still challenging for Lydia, and she needed to repeat her current grade level due to her difficulties in reading, writing, and mathematics where she performs at a level behind her peers.  Behaviorally, she has a low tolerance for frustration and can sometimes act out due to challenges she faces when processing new information.  She can sometimes turn her frustration on her peers and act aggressively towards them. She is also diagnosed with Separation Anxiety Disorder and sometimes experiences fear and sadness when separated from her foster mother.  Because of her anxiety and behavioral problems, Lydia is seen by a psychologist and occupational therapist who have helped her manage her emotions.  Additionally, she has started a pharmacologic treatment that has significantly improved both her anxiety and behavior.  She is reportedly calmer in addition to less aggressive in both the home and school setting.  Despite these challenges, Lydia is a brave and strong girl who has a great outlook on life.  She loves to be silly and sing and dance around the house.  She also has a strong creative side, and has enjoyed taking painting and drawing lessons.

Because of the anxiety that Lydia faces, she needs a patient and understanding family who can help her work through her emotions.  Trust and comfort are necessities for Lydia, as they are the building blocks for helping her adopt healthier coping mechanisms for her anxiety.  She needs to know that her feelings are heard and appreciated by her family because it will help her gain self-confidence and happiness. Lydia shows incredible optimism when talking about adoption. She reports that what makes her excited is the fact that “they will love me very, very much.”  Can YOU help Lydia’s dream become a reality and give her all the love and support she dreams of?


Married couples and singles up to age 55 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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