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Born February 2009

Mason is a kind and loving young boy with the biggest heart and most infectious smile.  When Mason was born, his birth mother lacked the resources to care for him, so she placed him in the care of a close friend who registered Mason as her own son.  Unfortunately, this environment was unstable and unsafe for Mason and he was brought into care in 2017 and has since been living with a wonderful foster family.

Mason absolutely loves sports!  He is a member of a soccer league and also enjoys riding his bike and participating in track and field.  When he isn’t running around outside, Mason enjoys watching cartoons on TV.  His current favorites are Paw Patrol and Tom and Jerry!  Mason is a sweet and respectful boy; however, due to the lack of structure in his early years, he had some initial behavioral challenges as he learned how to be part of a family.   Once he settled in, Mason developed a positive, enthusiastic, and respectful attitude.  His foster mother and teachers both state that Mason is obedient and very respectful.  Mason performs well in school with only minor delays in learning.  This past year he has made great improvements on his reading and writing skills and Mason states that Mathematics and Spanish are his favorite classes! Mason also displays leadership skills and is an impressive collaborator with his peers.  Mason has no physical, cognitive, or psychiatric diagnoses.  However, due to his slow acquisition of some school skills, it is possible there could be a cognitive delay that has not yet been diagnosed.  Additionally, he had some minor speech delays related to pronunciation, but with the support of speech therapy, those problems have been corrected.

Mason is a very resilient young boy who shows the ability to adapt well to new settings when given the proper support. Because of the lack of consistency in his past, Mason responds best to clear structure and defined authority figures with firm parenting.  Love and respect are very important for Mason and he enjoys spending time with people he loves.  His favorite weekend activity is having a family BBQ with his foster family.  When asked about adoption, Mason responds with so much joy.  With a huge smile on his face, Mason states “I would love to be adopted so they can take care of me”. Mason can’t wait to come home to his new family who will love and support him forever!


Married couples and singles up to age 57 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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