Yolanda & Jocelyn

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Yolanda -born June 2012

Jocelyn – born March 2014

Yolanda and Jocelyn are looking for their forever home!  These two sisters lived with their biological mother who was unable to provide them with a stable and safe home. Prior to coming into care in 2018, neither Yolanda nor Jocelyn was enrolled in school and their home life lacked structure and order. To ensure adequate interventions and support during the transition, the girls were transferred from their first foster home to their current family which was closer in location to the services they needed.  These sisters have transitioned well and show great resilience!

Because of the lack of structure in her early years, Yolanda had behavioral outbursts when entering care.  While her actions were initially disruptive, through psychological intervention she has learned how to better control her emotions which has elevated her self-confidence and improved her behavior. Additionally, her language development is significantly below her chronological age.  She often speaks in single syllables and supplements her communication with gestures and body language.  The transition to school was challenging for Yolanda but with the loving support of her teachers, she is learning how to become a positive member of a classroom.  She has since made good friends and is very respectful of her teachers and their expectations of her.  While her social transition has been positive, Yolanda has not made significant progress academically and is falling behind.  She is diagnosed with Dyslexia and is awaiting evaluation by developmental psychologists to determine if there is an underlying cognitive delay responsible for her slow academic progress and language delay. Yolanda is described as being a calm girl who enjoys taking walks outside and exploring nature.  She also loves to draw and will fill your home with beautiful artwork!

Jocelyn is such a sweet-heart!  She is a very affectionate girl who has a strong ability to bond with adults and peers.  Despite her lack of formal education prior to coming into care, her teachers have noted that she adapted quickly and is making progress.  Through creative learning techniques, such as drawing and storytelling, Jocelyn has learned letters and colors quickly since starting school!  Her language is delayed and her vocabulary is described as being scare; however, she has Moderate Bilateral Neurosensory Hearing Loss which is suspected to contribute to the delays.  She is awaiting follow up specialist appointments to further assess the degree of hearing loss and find devices to help improve her hearing.  Jocelyn also has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  While she has integrated well into her new family life in the foster home, she displays anxious behaviors and is overly aggressive towards peers, family, and teachers.  She is receiving psychological intervention to improve these behaviors; however, they are still a concern.  Through the implementation of a strict schedule and daily routine, the prevalence of outburst has started to decrease.  Despite her challenges, Jocelyn is such a fun girl!  She loves to play and enjoys putting her dolls in fancy dresses and pretending she’s a chef with all her kitchen utensils.

Yolanda and Jocelyn need a supportive family who can give them all the love and attention they deserve.  These sisters will bring so much joy into your lives and they can’t wait to meet you!


Married couples and singles up to age 57 may apply.

Families may qualify for a $5,000 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through our partner grant organizations


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