Problem Resolution Procedure

Any person who has been served by the Agency may lodge a complaint concerning Agency practices and is encouraged to express their concerns freely to the staff member, their supervisor, or the director of the department. If the concern is not resolved through discussion, a written complaint may be filed in the following manner. Complaints concerning staff will be handled by someone other than the person who worked directly on the case.

Filing a written complaint:

  1. Written complaints may be sent directly to the staff member and/or supervisor. When this is not possible, the document should be forwarded to the Director of the department.
  2. The written document should include as much detail as possible, including: the date(s), issues, and person(s) involved. The document should include any suggested remedies.
  3. The recipient of the complaint will contact the complainant within one week of receipt, either in writing or by phone, to discuss the situation further. Meetings with appropriate personnel will be arranged.
  4. Decisions on complaints will be completed within 2 weeks after the recipient has contacted the complainant, and will be sent in writing. The written response will communicate all intended actions, resolutions and decisions. All parties involved will receive a copy.


In the event the complainant wishes to appeal a decision, the following must occur:

  1. Appeals must be filed in writing to the President/CEO within two weeks of having received the decision.
  2. Meetings will be arranged as appropriate to the situation, usually within two weeks.
  3. A written response from the President/CEO will be sent within two weeks if possible, and no more than one month from the initial receipt of the appeal.
  4. In the event that a matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, a further written appeal may be sent to the Board of Directors. The letter should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors in care of Wide Horizons For Children, Inc.
  5. A written response to the appeal will be sent within one week after the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting. Decisions by the Board will be final.

In addition to WHFC’s Internal Problem Resolution Procedures, the US Department of State has established a complaint registry for issues related to the Hague Convention, the Inter-Country Adoption Act (IAA), or the Federal regulations implementing the IAA and the Convention and a feedback option for additional issues.

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