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Insula Sperantelor: Universe of Hope  

Click below to watch WHFC’s mission in action from across the world! Each year, 12 students in Moldova receive training at Insula Sperantelor (English translation - Universe of Hope). WHFC and generous donors have a long-term commitment to support kids in this program. Insula Sperantelor gives orphans and at-risk children with hope for a brighter future through life-skills and vocational training. In this video of the welcome ceremony, the director reads a welcome letter from WHFC to the new students and they thank WHFC and our donors for their support.



Moldova Current-IS-StudentMoldova is the poorest country in Europe, with thousands of families and children in crisis. This is especially true for orphaned, abandoned and impoverished teens who “age out” of Moldovan orphanages and boarding schools without meaningful job skills or a place to live. Many turn to crime or prostitution for survival. Others abuse drugs or fall victim to human trafficking. Since 2008, we have partnered with Insula Sperantelor – "Island of Hope” – to provide a brighter future for those facing the grim probability of life on the streets. Support for this program has been led by A Better Life/Moldova, a group of WHFC adoptive parents dedicated to helping the country’s most vulnerable youth -– young adults like Irina and Victor.

Irina, who lived in a boarding school after the death of her father, is studying to be a hair stylist and manicurist. In a recent letter to her sponsor, she wrote,“Thank you for your kind-heartedness in helping children like me in difficult situations.” Victor, abandoned as a child after the death of his mother, excelled in his studies at Insula Sperantelor, earning an achievement award. He now works at a popular restaurant in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital city.

Moldova WHFC-GradVocational sponsorships cover job training and living expenses. In addition, psychologists and social workers work with students to help them learn the practical skills they need to live independently. Upon graduation, these young men and women are given jobs and housing assistance. Insula Sperantelor follows the graduates for several years, which is crucial to their continued success.

Sponsoring a student costs $1,400 per year. You can choose to donate in lump sum, quarterly or semi-annual installments. In place of a full sponsorship, you can provide a $500 scholarshipto help cover the cost of the program for one student. Sponsors and students have the unique opportunity to write to each other and share a meaningful connection. 


Without meaningful job skills or a place to live, many vulnerable teens in Moldova turn to life on the streets for survival - with catastrophic results. Through sponsorship, young adults like Irina and Victor can dare to dream of a brighter future. Your donation can change a life. Please become a sponsor, or contact us at 781-894-5330 for more information.



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