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Around the world, lack of education is one of the leading causes of poverty. Ethiopia is no exception. Without access to education, many children won’t learn to read and write – which means more and more families trapped in a poverty cycle without end.

In partnership with Geneva Global Inc., Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC) is implementing ALFA – the Accelerated Learning For Africa program. This is a unique learning concept, funded and pioneered in Ethiopia by the Geneva Global Inc. International Philanthropic Organization. At the heart of the program are children ages 9-14 who have never been to school. Since its beginning, ALFA has helped over 102,000 older students go to school for the first time.


Wide Horizons For Children, together with Geneva Global Inc., provides the on-ground support for 1,500 students in Ethiopia. WHFC hires the teachers and community leaders who make it happen, and arranges for donation of classrooms, so that ALFA is integrated into the regular school system. WHFC also works closely with the local government to choose children who will most benefit from this program.

Amazing Transformation

WHFC staff touring schools in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia have witnessed the incredible transformations resulting from this program. Students who otherwise would have been doomed to a life of illiteracy now proudly stand up in class and realize, "I'm reading for the first time!"


How Does it Work?

ALFA uses hands-on, activity-based learning that reaches students more effectively than book learning alone; small, 25-student class sizes that guarantee more individualized attention; self-help savings groups to make ALFA affordable for families; early childhood development and school readiness programs that prepare children for long-term success; and teacher training in mainstream schools, to make students' transitions as smooth as possible.

But it doesn't stop there. A sister program centered on empowering Ethiopian women targets the mothers of children being helped by the ALFA program. Community organizers uncover women's talents and skills, research local needs, and then help them prepare business plans that will empower their families to become economically self-sufficient and be able to sustainably finance their children's education.


The Results?

  • 96% of the children have entered into mainstream schools
  • 86% of ALFA graduates are still in mainstream education after 12 months
  • 2,486 ALFA teachers trained across all of Ethiopia, including some WHFC teachers
  • 45,000 mothers in all school districts of Ethiopia have benefitted from self-help savings groups

To learn more about how you can help WHFC support education in Ethiopia, click here.

For more information about Geneva Global Inc., visit their site

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