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Ethiopiachildspons“I am becoming a full human.  Previously I know hunger and I was hurt too much.  But now I am able to feed my children, able to teach my children, able to perform different businesses.  I get a hope from the counseling I got.  I will always remember my sisters (the WHFC social workers) in my heart.“ 

Birhane has been part of the WHFC sponsorship  program for 6 years. Through the support of her social workers, she was empowered with the confidence and resources to become a better parent for her young children. Her oldest daughter is first in her district for her grade and wants to become a doctor. 

The Goal of Sponsorship in Ethiopia

Empowering  the family, through education for the child, and whenever possible, economic independence for the parent or head of household. 

Your Support Gives Hope

The hope families receive through your support is critical to their movement out of poverty.  WHFC Staff develop a personal connection with your sponsored child’s family.  By understanding their individual needs and experiences, our social workers can build on a family strengths.  They also connect families with supports available within the context of the larger community.  All of this is critical to guiding families on a path toward independence and ensuring long-term stability for a child. 

With just $35 a month, you will provide a child and family with:

  • A relationship to a caring social worker
  • Financial support to help meet vital daily needs
  • Advocacy in the child’s school to ensure the best educational outcome
  • Training in budgeting, savings and business opportunities
  • Hope for the future

A Special Connection

Your sponsorship gives a child the confidence to believe in the future. We encourage you to help build that confidence even further by writing to your sponsored child. Your words have the power to create a meaningful and supportive connection. As you watch your child grow, you will receive on a yearly basis:

  • Update and photos from the social worker who knows your child
  • A letter and photos from your child and their family

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Help a Child Grow Up Strong

Mihreteab’s parents died when he was a child and he lived with his elderly grandmother and grandfather.  Through the support of his WHFC sponsor and social workers, Mihreteab has grown to be a kind, strong and confident young man.  Mihreteab currently enjoys being a skilled mechanic and hopes to open his own shop one day.

When asked about how his sponsor has helped him he replied, "I have been living with my grandfather for long time. I was getting support from this organization since grade 7.  From that time onwards my life has been dramatically changed.  I don’t want to remember the time I spent before I joined the organization.  Now I am in a very good condition. I am living a very good life, I depend on myself.   I have my own profession, I can take business anytime.  I am happy.”

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Share your passion for helping children!   Help us reach more children by sending our child sponsorship flyer to people who care about children living in poverty.   Every child deserves hope for a brighter future!

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