About Sponsorship

How Sponsorship Works

Children thrive when they are in a family. There is no one factor that can make a family strong enough to help a child survive. The Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program focuses on the most critical factors that can strengthen a family at risk and help them become stronger and more stable.

1. You choose a boy or girl you want to sponsor. Then, you’ll be connected to your child and their family. You can select the payment plan that is right for you: monthly or annually.

Wide Horizons For Children identifies the greatest needs for your sponsored child and their family. All families receive financial assistance or food rations to meet immediate basic needs. Then, families receive customized, intensive services which may include:

  • Counseling
  • Educational support and school supplies
  • Medical care
  • Supplemental nutrition
  • Vocational training
  • Small business grants for guardians

2. You will witness firsthand the real impact your support makes through annual updates, photos and personal communication with your sponsored child.

3. Your sponsored child and family will thrive. Our goal is to keep families together and ensure children and families graduate from the sponsorship program. To date, hundreds of our sponsored children have graduated from high school and college.

How Sponsorship Helps

Tsion: A College Graduate with a Bright Future

Tsion was 8 years old when she lost her parents to HIV/AIDS, turning her life upside down. Her aunt took her in, but struggled to meet their basic needs. Then, Tsion’s life changed. She and her aunt joined the Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program. They were given food, medical care, school supplies, job skills, and individual counseling. They even learned how to better cultivate their maize and other crops to increase their food supply. And, Tsion got the opportunity to start school. Since then, she has graduated from a technology college. Now, Tsion has a future that she once could only dream about. 

Eduardo: A Family Stays Together

Eduardo was in terrible pain. He had a perforated appendix and other complications and needed multiple surgeries. That’s a lot for anyone to endure — much less a 10-year-old boy. The specialized care he needed was at a hospital in Guatemala City, many hours away from his rural home. Eduardo needed his mom with him, but that meant she’d be unable to work for months. 

The Wide Horizons for Children Child Sponsorship program gave his family the financial help they needed to make it through Eduardo’s long recovery. Eduardo’s oldest brother also received the emotional support he needed to care for their two younger sisters while their mom was at the hospital.

Sneha: A Child Meets Her Sponsor

Sneha, like many children in India, lived in poverty. Education is one of the only ways out of such bleak conditions, but it costs far more than most families can afford. Then Sneha learned that an American family, Stephen, Pamela and their daughter Shivani — herself adopted from India, were going to sponsor her through the Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program. Their sponsorship would help Sneha stay in school and get needed supplies and other support. 

Shivani, who had just turned 15, with the help of her family, traveled back to India to meet Sneha for the first time! There, the two girls embraced. “Getting to know Sneha was a little awkward at first — and then we laughed,” explains Shivani. “I asked her about her family and her favorite subjects in school. I brought her a box of art supplies, because she sends us beautiful hand-made cards.” Pam, Shivani’s mom, sums it up: “This was an amazing experience for all of us!”


Frequently Asked Questions

You will hear from your sponsored child two times per year. Your child’s social worker will help prepare an update about your child and their family. Your child will also write a letter with photos. You are welcome to send cards, letters or photos to your sponsored child any time. 

Children remain in child sponsorship until their families are able to provide a safe, stable home environment, meet their basic needs or the child completes their educational track. We work with every family in our program to create a sustainable, long-term plan for the future. 

While we hope that you are able to continue to support your sponsored child as long as she is in our program, sponsoring a child is voluntary and you may choose to end your sponsorship commitment at any time. When your child and the family graduates from the sponsorship program, we will introduce you to another child who needs your help. To cancel or change your sponsorship commitment, contact Jessie DeLano at sponsorship@whfc.org or call (781) 419-0313. 

Your donation goes directly to the child sponsorship program which provides every child and family a customized, intensive set of resources and services that help them achieve success as soon as possible.

Yes! Wide Horizons For Children is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We will send you a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contributions. For more information or specific questions, contact Jessie DeLano at sponsorship@whfc.org or call (781) 419-0313.

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