When an Orphanage Is the Answer

We’ve worked with orphans for almost 50 years and know that a loving family provides them with the best outcome. Not all of the children who are called orphans actually are. Some, in a supreme act of love, have been abandoned by parents who are too poor to look after them. Some have been abandoned by parents whose own problems made them incapable of looking after them.

In the end, the reason a child has no family of their own to care for them doesn’t matter. What matters is that an orphanage can become their new family. Our partner orphanages in Guatemala, Burundi and Moldova provide as much love and support as possible to any child in their care.

Our Orphan Care Programs


We partner with two small hogares or homes that are safe havens for children whose families are unable to care for them due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. These homes create a warm, family-like atmosphere where kids can be raised for as long as needed. We provide funding for operational support — food, utilities, staff costs, school and medical supplies. We help parents whose children have been removed from them by court order to rehabilitate themselves. This might involve skills training, substance abuse counseling or a rehab program.


We provide baby formula and specialty milk to ensure the youngest and most vulnerable children have the nutrition they need to grow and develop normally. This year, we will add a feeding program for older orphans an member of the local community.


In our two partner orphanages, we run a Granny program. It matches 70 children with their own “Granny” who loves them and cares for them as only a Granny can. Each Granny spends time every day with her children, playing with them, reading and singing to them and teaching them what it means to be loved and cared for.


In their words…

Orphan Care testimonials from children, their families and on-the-ground staff.

The donations provided are fundamental for covering the Home’s operational expenses, as they are used to pay rent, salaries of staff and professionals, and food for the children currently living at the Home as well as other significant expenses without which we would not be able to operate. It is because of this, that without your support, we could not exist or provide the support and care that we currently provide to the children. —Dinora Orphanage Director, Guatemala

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