A 50-Year History of Impact

Since we were founded in 1974, we have helped:

Touch the lives of more than 1,000,000 individuals through our work

helping children

Prevent 25,000 children living in crisis from becoming orphans

child sponsorship

Transform the lives of 25,000 families through child sponsorship

food aid

Keep 25,000 individuals from starving through food aid

Build 13,338 families through adoption

improve abandoned childrens lives

Improve the future of 25,000 abandoned and orphaned children living in care

Keep 500,000 individuals from dying from disease through medical care

Ensure 15,000 children had access to quality education and the supports needed to succeed

Counsel more than 20,000 families pre- and post-adoption

our way

Through our work with orphans, we learned early on that a loving and stable family provides the best outcome for a child. We also learned that many of the young children we had met that we thought were orphans actually had families of their own… but their families were so poor, they couldn’t afford to feed them. Driven by a gut-wrenching decision to keep their children alive by giving them up to an orphanage, these families have made the most difficult decision of their lives. Imagine facing that kind of decision.

Knowing this gave us a clear focus: To do everything we can to help prevent a child from becoming an orphan in the first place. And for those children who are truly orphaned when we first meet them, we do everything we can to help build nurturing families within an orphanage or through adoption.

We help keep families intact by:

  • Intervening early before the family gets overwhelmed
  • Providing the food and other essentials they need to survive and stabilize
  • Offering small-business services and other critical counsel and classwork they need so they can thrive

We call this holistic suite of services Family Preservation

For children who have no family, we help them build one by placing them in:

We Listen, Deliver and Evaluate

  • We listen to those living in crisis and provide them with what they tell us they need
  • We tailor these supplies and services to the unique requirements of each child and family
  • We continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of our work, maximizing its effect wherever we can


In their words…

I am so lucky to get this emergency food support. Now, I can see happiness and joy on the face of my children and strength and stability in their emotion. It changed our worry and sadness into joy and hope. —Genet Mother of Sponsored Child, Ethiopia
Making the decision to adopt from China was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the beginning it seemed daunting — the process, the money, the trip itself, the uncertainty of his needs and even the language barrier but in the end it was all worth it. Our son has been home for a little over two years and has flourished being home. He is on grade level in kindergarten, plays sports, has many friends and loves his family. Our son is truly the joy of our life. I am so glad that I fought my fears and took that huge step to bring our son home. He was our best "YES"! —Simone Adoptive Parent, China
My mother lost job and in my house there was lot of problem of food and really thank you that you came for support and gave ration. Very happy and thank you for your help. —Pavani Sponsored Child, India
I am thankful for the ration as it was very useful and helpful for me and my family. Thank you for it. —Dasya Sponsored Child, India
I've noticed changes in my parenting. I've slowed down to listen and no longer judge. —Miguel Father of Adopted Teen, Post Adoption Services
The donations provided are fundamental for covering the Home’s operational expenses, as they are used to pay rent, salaries of staff and professionals, and food for the children currently living at the Home as well as other significant expenses without which we would not be able to operate. It is because of this, that without your support, we could not exist or provide the support and care that we currently provide to the children. —Dinora Orphanage Director, Guatemala

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