Adoption is not for the faint of heart

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You hear this quote a lot in the adoption community. That you have to be ready for the hurt a child endures as an orphan. You have to be ready for the delays orphanage life can cause. Children may not progress on your timetable. And it’s true, you have to be ready for all these things.

But I have a little secret to tell.

I have a faint heart.

I have become the mother of three (soon to be four) blind daughters through adoption.

I have wept at their finding places (the spot they were relinquished), I have seen their hard cribs, I have held them as they went limp in my arms on pick-up trip.

I have a faint heart and it doesn’t stop there. I am not perfect, I am not strong. I have a messy house, I fight with my husband, I become hopeless some days.
Sometimes I wonder “what on earth have we taken on?”

We were lucky enough to see our Frannie Qiu Qiu on Bethel’s Facebook page.

And something stirred in our hearts.

And because we aren’t perfect we worried about money and time and space in our modest home.

But why should she wait?

Why should our fears be bigger than her need for a family?

So in 2018 we traveled to Zhengzhou to pick up our girl.

If you are called to adoption you must realize that what calls you has been with you from your creation. You were built to adopt.

Whether you believe that building was from your Creator or from a twist of DNA you are perfectly suited for this calling, flaws and all.

If you look at these sweet Bethel kids and think “maybe someday”.  Know that someday is now.

I am tender for these kids, built just the way God made me. I think if you are reading this you are tender too.

Step out and adopt. I promise your heart will thank you.”

Description: The first photo is of Frances and her sister in China. She is sitting on her sister’s lap and sucking on a lollipop. The second photo is of Frances and her big brother in China. He is standing and holding her. You can see her hugging him tight and her face resting on his shoulder. The third photo is a recent photo of Frances sitting on her kitchen counter next to baking equipment. Her hair is in pig tails and she is smiling brightly.

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