Orphans in Moldova.

The loving care of a volunteer granny in a Moldovan orphanage brought siblings together as a family.


For abandoned children like Violetta, an orphanage can make a loving home.

Filling Bellies in Burundi.

How our project to care for orphans in Burundi until they can be reunited with their families touched the hearts of generous donors.


How the generosity of donors helped a dream come true for a couple wanting to adopt.

special needs adoption china

Boys Rock That Extra Chromosome Too!.

For boys who have Down syndrome, it’s much harder to find a forever family than for girls who have it. If you’re ready to open your heart to one of these boys, you’d better be ready to experience a new kind of love!

Parents who opened their heart to adoption


You can never write your adoption story ahead of time, as same-sex parents Jason and Jonathan quickly discovered.


When you put aside your preconceived notions about adoption, you make space for wonderful things to happen!

Ethiopian Connects With Birth Family


Eden* was adopted from Ethiopia when she was 3. Nine years later, she traveled with her adoptive family back to Ethiopia to connect with her birth family through Zimdina, one of Wide Horizon For Children’s post-adoption programs. That life-changing trip continues to influence Eden’s sense of identity to this day.

Anemo and Yoyo: A Visit with Their Ethiopian Birth Families

Anemo and Yoyo.

For families who adopted from Ethiopia, the Zimdina program helps adoptive children connect with their culture and birth families.

Child sponsored prepares her for a better future | WHFC


Saloni lived in a slum community in a small home with her large family. The family income wasn’t enough to allow Saloni to go to school, especially after her father died. With sponsorship as her lifeline, Saloni was able to continue her studies, eventually going to college and getting a job so she could support her family.

Child adopted saved from beatings


As a very young child, Fidelia was beaten by her parents and forced to beg on the streets for money. When she was 5, she was rescued and welcomed into Hogar Luz de Maria, a privately run, family-like home for orphans. There, Fidelia was given support and care. After three years, her dream of being adopted into a loving family came true.

Daughter Help Secure Their Family’s Future | Wide Horizons For Children

Laxmi and Mayuri.

Laxmi struggled to provide for her daughter, Mayuri, and the rest of her family. When she became involved in our Community Development program, she learned about how to start a business. Today, she owns a flour mill business with five other women and, through sponsorship, Mayuri is on track to become a nurse. A family’s future has been transformed.

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