Burundi Adoption

Tyler’s Long Journey to His Forever Family

Tyler’s Long Journey to His Forever Family “Our journey to have Tyler in our arms was 2 1/2 years long. We would do it again to have him here with us.”  “We always knew international adoption was a way we wanted our family to grow. We contacted four different adoption agencies with an established program […]

Separated at Birth

Four sisters were successively abandoned when they were born, each living together in an orphanage without realizing they were siblings. Once a volunteer in WHFC’s Granny program learned their story, she taught them they were a family.

Overcoming the Odds

Violetta’s mother was involved in gangs and prostitution, and beat Violetta as a baby. When she was rescued, she had hundreds of lice and a skin disease from poor hygiene. But thanks to our donors, Violetta is all smiles now.

Filling Bellies and Warming Hearts

Sister Alice is the director of an orphanage in Burundi. Her charges include 20 fragile infants and 15 weakened children. They’re all in urgent need of nourishment. And thanks to the generosity of WHFC donors, Sister Alice can help these young ones avoid malnutrition.

COVID Can’t Stop Cuteness

Once a couple locked eyes on Gus, they knew they would be his forever family. But the global pandemic made a relatively simple trip to Korea a month-long saga.

special needs adoption china

Boys Rock That Extra Chromosome Too!

China is the most common choice for families looking to adopt a child with a special need. But statistically, adoptive parents choose girls. And so boys with special needs are disproportionately left out of the equation.

Parents who opened their heart to adoption

Porter Has Two Dads

Almost as soon as Jason and Jonathan started dating, they knew they wanted to adopt a child together. After attending a WHFC informational session, they met the 12-day-old child who helped them discover the magic of parenthood.

Twins — 5 Years and 2 Continents Apart

Jennifer and Seth had two biological children of their own. But when they received an email from WHFC about a boy with special needs in China whose birthday was the same as her son’s, the child found a new forever family.

Ethiopian Connects With Birth Family

Two Families, One Extraordinary Youth

Eden has always been curious about where she comes from. Through WHFC”s post-adoption Zimdina program, the pre-teen girl got a chance to return to Ethiopia and bring her new parents and biological family together.

Anemo and Yoyo: A Visit with Their Ethiopian Birth Families

Discovering Their Roots

Anemo and Yoyo are Ethiopian boys being raised in two California homes. Through WHFC’s post-adoption Zimdina program, both boys and their adoptive parents were able to visit the country of their birth — and meet their biological families.

Child sponsored prepares her for a better future | WHFC

Unstoppable Youth

Growing up in a crowded house in a Mumbai slum, the odds were against Saloni. But thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, she has overcome poverty, the death of her father, and her own bout with tuberculosis to persevere — now she’s on track for an MBA.

Child adopted saved from beatings

Triumph Over Abuse

Growing up in deep poverty in Guatemala, Fidelia was forced to beg for money in the streets by her addict parents. When she didn’t come home with sufficient money, she was beaten. She suffered terribly, until she was rescued by a WHFC family center.

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