Ruddy/novelle family adoption story

A Story of Commitment — the Ruddy/Novelle Family

You couldn’t make up the Ruddy/Novelle family story if you tried.

Reconnecting with Birth Family – a Life-Changing Experience

A heartwarming story of love and family. How an adoptee expanded his circle of love by reconnecting with his birth family in Ethiopia.

She Couldn’t Walk or Go to School

Baraka, who uses a wheelchair, might have had a very different life, begging on the streets. But thanks to sponsorship and your support, she lives every day with purpose and joy.

Orphaned, Poor, and Hungry in Ethiopia

Tigist and her brother’s lives took a positive turn, thanks to our sponsors. Allowing them to start a successful business and dream of a brighter future.

leku hospital newborn

Medical Missions Save Lives

Poor or no access to healthcare lies behind most maternal deaths during and after childbirth.

How Our Medical Missions Began

Wide Horizons started running Medical Missions in 2008 in Ethiopia. Since then, they have saved countless lives.

Diane Palmeri in Saigon 1974

Diane Palmeri

Diane Palmeri played a role in creating Wide Horizons For Children and impacted families over multiple generations.

Burundi Adoption

Tyler’s Long Road Home to His New Family

An email sent to a family in 2020 changed their lives forever. A two and a half year journey brought Tyler home to his forever family.

Separated at Birth

Four sisters were successively abandoned when they were born, each living together in an orphanage without realizing they were siblings.

Overcoming the Odds

Violetta’s mother, involved in gangs and prostitution beat and neglected her. When COVID hit, the situation became more dire.

Filling Bellies and Warming Hearts

Wide Horizons for Children donors helped Sister Alice save 20 fragile infants and 15 weakened children.

COVID Can’t Stop Cuteness

A global pandemic made a relatively simple trip to Korea a month-long saga but this did not stop Katie and Darrin.

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