Janice Hoffman

Janice Hoffman

President and CEO

Janice M. Hoffman, President and CEO, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 1999 as its Chief Operating Officer and was appointed President and CEO in 2012.  During her tenure, she has been instrumental in developing a strategic blueprint for the organization, bringing a new focus to the areas of family strengthening and orphan care programming, and building capacity in sustainable philanthropy. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and a B.A. in Psychology from Laurentian University. Janice grew up in Canada and is an adoptive mother of two children from Latin America.

Eva Barnes

Eva Barnes

Director of Development

Eva Barnes, Director of Development, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 2017. Previously, she was a Senior Development Officer at Partners in Health, an international NGO and a Director of Customer Relationship Programs at RueLaLa, Saks Fifth Avenue and Red Door Spas. She holds an M.S. in Integrated Marketing and a B.A. in English, both from Northwestern University. Eva was inspired to work in the nonprofit sector after a trip to East Africa.


Dr. Tsegaye Berhe

Director of Africa Programs

Dr. Tsegaye Berhe, Director of Africa Programs, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 2004. He is considered a leading expert in Ethiopian child welfare issues. Under his direction, Wide Horizons For Children began our work in Ethiopia. Since that time, more than 1,100 children have found families through adoption or have been served through Family Strengthening programs. Previously, Dr. Tsegaye served as the Director of Child and Family Affairs for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and as President of the Adoption Network, a group of adoption facilitators in Ethiopia. He holds a Ph.D in Human Resource Management from Ashford University (UK) and a Diploma in Church Management from Birmingham University (UK). Dr. Tsegaye received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Joint Council for International Children’s Services.

Maryanne Ludwig

Maryanne Ludwig

Director of Family Services

Maryanne Ludwig, Director of Family Services, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 2001. She oversees the Domestic Adoption and Post-Adoption programs as well as supervising all social work staff. She holds an M.S.W from Simmons Graduate School of Social Work and a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University. Maryanne is an adopted person and has two children.

Debbie Mansfield

Debbie Mansfield

Director of Programs

Debbie Mansfield, Director of Programs, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 1996. She develops and manages Family Strengthening and Orphan Care programs that benefit vulnerable children and families in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.  Previously, she worked as Program Director for American Councils for International Education in Almaty Kazakhstan. She holds an M.A. from University of New York at Albany in Russian and a B.A.in International Relations from Tufts.  Debbie grew up in western Massachusetts and is the adoptive mother of three children from the U.S.

Sarah Mraz

Director of International Programs

Sarah Mraz, Director of International Programs, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 1989 as a program coordinator. As Director of International Programs, she oversees the agency’s international adoption programs and manages relations with international staff and foreign governments. She holds a B.A.in Latin American Studies from McGill University. Sarah grew up in rural Vermont, has lived in Colombia and in Montreal, Canada and is mother to four sons.

Diane Shohet

Director of Marketing and Communications

Diane Shohet, Director of Marketing and Communications, joined Wide Horizons For Children in 2017. As a consultant, she has worked with organizations such as XPRIZE, Environmental Defense Fund, One Laptop Per Child and National University of Singapore. As a senior communications leader, Diane has served as Director of Marketing and Communications at WorldFish, Chief Marketing Officer at Horizons for Homeless Children, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Root Capital, and Director of Marketing and Communications at Oxfam America. She holds an Ed.M in Technology in Education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in East Asian Studies and Art History from Wellesley College. Diane has lived in Singapore and Malaysia and worked with communities throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa.