Post Placement Process

If WHFC Conducted your home study

Your social worker will be in touch shortly in order to schedule your post placement/post adoption visits. At least three will be planned during the first 6 months you are home with your child. Additional visits will be arranged based on state or country specific regulations. Please have ten photos ready to give your social worker at each visit.

If WHFC did not conduct your home study

We will be sending both you and your WHFC partner agency a schedule for the post placement/post adoption phase. Additional visits beyond those listed on your WHFC schedule may be necessary due to state requirements.

Please continue to let your WHFC social worker or case manager know how he or she can assist you. We are available to provide counseling regarding your child’s adjustment, resources for adoptive families, and assistance with any concerns.

Your social worker will meet with you and your child several times during the post phase. While the early days, weeks, and months after your child arrives is a very exciting time, it can also be filled with challenges as you and your child adjust. Your social worker is available as a resource to support and assist you through this time. Here are some articles that have been helpful to families in understanding the post placement and adjustment process.

Reports written by your social worker will be forwarded to the overseas officials involved in your adoption. This is a very important component of adoption. All nations who turn to international adoption in order to meet the needs of their children continue to be concerned about the welfare of the children who have been placed. Post placement reports are your opportunity to inform your child’s country of birth about how he or she is doing. It is important that countries receive honest information about the joys and challenges. This assures the nations that their children are loved and well-cared for and also educates them about the needs of children in their care. Families are asked to provide photos to accompany each report.

The positive stories of loving families who are meeting their children’s needs often change how adoption is viewed by overseas governments. Furthermore, continuation of adoption programs in certain countries is often dependent on families providing the required reports. We strongly request that you keep your promise to your child’s birth country by honoring this reporting schedule.