Post Adoption Services

Select a post-adoption service you wish to purchase below. If you are unclear about which services are right for you, choose a FREE 15-minute consultation and a trained social worker will consult with you to discuss your options.

tavel back

Travel Back

Traveling back to your child’s birth country is an incredible opportunity to understand and appreciate the past and make connections for the future. Wide Horizons For Children can help.

file review and citizenship

File Review and Citizenship

Wide Horizons For Children can help review your official file whether your need is logistical or a desire to understand your history.


Zimdina Ethiopia

Through Zimdina Ethiopia Services, Wide Horizons For Children provides multiple ways to maintain and strengthen your child’s early connections.

adoption consultation and counseling

Consultation & Counseling

Adoption is complex and Wide Horizons For Children is available to provide support when you have questions or concerns.

search and reunion

Search & Reunion

Seeking to connect with someone in your family? Wide Horizons For Children can help to guide you in your search and reunion.

facilitation in open domestic adoption

Facilitation in Open Domestic Adoption

Wide Horizons For Children can help support you in navigating open adoption in a way that most benefits your family and child.

Post Adoption FAQs

Q: I think I was adopted through you, but our paperwork says International Adoptions, Inc. Am I in the right place?

A: Yes. That was our name prior to Wide Horizons For Children, Inc. It changed in the early 1990s, but we are the same organization.

Q: I know I/my family could use some help, but I don’t know what. Can you help?

A: Of course. Please feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation via the calendar below. We will let you know if one of our services is  good match or refer you to other expert options in your community.

Q: I never had the correct US Citizenship documents, but need them now. Can you help?

A: Absolutely. What was possible at time of adoption may be different than what is possible and advised now. We are happy to work with you to review your case and provide advice. Sometimes, this can be accomplished in a quick free consultation (book via the calendar below). Sometimes, you might need to sign up for our file review service which would offer more one-on-one support when completing needed government forms, etc. 

Q: I was adopted from Guatemala and want to travel back. Can you help?

A: While we do not have on the ground staff to assist with travel back in Guatemala, we can certainly provide support that will help you plan the most meaningful trip for yourself. We can also connect you with resources that could help if you wish to search for birth family and provide support regarding search, reunion, and navigating new/old relationships. 

Q: We did not adopt through WHFC. Can we still use your post-adoption services?

A: Certainly! A few of our services are specific to children we placed or limited to certain regions, but most of our services are an option for any adoptive family.  Feel free to book a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss. 

Q: Why do you charge for post adoption services?

A: While we always want to be available as a resource to adoptive families and children, we are a nonprofit. This means we need to charge for all services that fall outside the fees incurred before and during the adoption process. We do what we can to keep the fees we charge for post-adoption services as low as possible, but we must cover our costs.

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