family preservation fund

Family Preservation Fund

Our priority for any child in crisis is simple — to provide them with all they need for the best possible outcome. For a child with a family, that means keeping their family together, preserving their family. We do this by providing integrated services tailored to the needs of each child and their family.

small busines fund

Small Business Fund

Small businesses are essential in the at-risk communities where we work. They enable a family to become economically self-sustaining, making them better able to withstand crises. It doesn’t matter what the small businesses is — a farm, a market stall, room rental. What matters is that the family gets the help they need with their […]

Health and Well-Being Fund

Vulnerable children and their families need help staying alive through infectious disease outbreaks. And they need help creating the strong and resilient health systems that deliver the best health outcomes. We help by providing medical supplies, training and upskilling local doctors and, when necessary, building health centers and hospitals.

education fund

Education Fund

When children and young adults go to school, they learn the skills they need for life and work. An education enables a child to build a more hopeful and prosperous future for themself, their family, their community, and even their country. An education helps them thrive.

Women’s Empowerment Fund

There’s a clear relationship between a society’s overall well-being and the degree of gender equality that exists. Where women experience inequality, societies are more violent, less stable and suffer economically — we have seen this ourselves in the countries where we work. We help women survive childbirth and empower them to become economically self-sustaining through […]

orphan care

Hunger Relief Fund

Even before COVID-19 hit, the vulnerable children we help around the world were living on the edge. This pandemic has pushed them over the edge. The jobs that were helping keep them alive disappeared as the world went into lockdown. These kids urgently need food to keep them alive. And when they need it, they […]

Orphan Care Fund

A child who grows up without the love and comfort of a family continues to face poverty and other difficulties. Because Wide Horizons For Children believes orphaned children deserve as much love and support as possible, we provide quality care for boys and girls living in orphanages.