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Our Story

Dear families, friends and supporters,JHoffman GuateHogar

As the CEO of Wide Horizons For Children, I consider it a privilege to be at the helm of this great organization working on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children around the world. Their innocence and vulnerability touch something deep within our hearts. Each day we at WHFC see the rich possibilities for youngsters who are living in extremely difficult circumstances, often without stable families. As adoptive parents, many of us know firsthand that children everywhere are very much the same – they need love, encouragement and security to blossom.

When I think about our mission, I know with complete certainty that many children who would otherwise suffer or perish are given a new chance at life. For example, I am thrilled by the effective programming we are pursuing in Ethiopia, where we work in rural communities with traditional midwives and birth attendants to keep women in labor alive so their families can stay intact. In addition, our family sponsorship and empowerment programs in Ethiopia and other countries help prevent more children from becoming orphaned. This is hopeful work, and we have had exhilarating success. Moreover, we are finding adoptive homes in record numbers for older children and those with special needs. These children need our help now, and I am always amazed by the open-heartedness and compassion of families who not only take on the many complications these children bring, but express genuine gratitude for the opportunity to love and cherish them.

We have a broad new vision for WHFC – and the tools and resources to bring it to life! With a talented, dedicated board of directors, devoted staff and incredibly generous donors and advocates, we are well positioned for the future. While we remain committed to our work in adoption, we are expanding efforts in orphan prevention and programming to improve outcomes and quality of life for institutionalized children. In addition, we are strengthening post adoption services for families who can benefit from our expertise, and remain committed to objective counseling for expectant parents in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy.

I encourage you to explore our website and provide your email address so you can receive regular updates on our work. Please join us in our efforts to bring about positive change to the many thousands of vulnerable children and families around the world. This is heavy lifting, but if we all lend a hand, there is no telling what we can accomplish together.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Janice Hoffman
President and CEO
Wide Horizons For Children

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