Tuning Into Teens™​


This online adoptive parent support group will provide you with a safe space to talk about your experience as an adoptive parent. We understand that your unique, yet shared, experience can often best be understood by your adoptive parent peers. We want to create a forum for adoptive parents to talk, share, make friends and learn from others. Group conversation will be facilitated by Cindy Lapidus, CSW, BSW, and each week will have a different topic to help get the conversations started.

Tuning Into Teens™ will meet weekly via Zoom for two hours, over a six-week period. The price covers 6 sessions.

This program is designed to help parents:

  • understand how your teen thinks and feels;
  • learn ways to manage your teen’s emotions… and your own;
  • respond to your teen in ways that will help them talk more to you;
  • create a calmer home environment with less conflict.