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Burundi Adoption

Tyler’s Long Road Home to His New Family

An email sent to a family in 2020 changed their lives forever. A two and a half year journey brought Tyler home to his forever family.

COVID Can’t Stop Cuteness

A global pandemic made a relatively simple trip to Korea a month-long saga but this did not stop Katie and Darrin.

special needs adoption china

Boys Rock That Extra Chromosome Too!

China is the most common choice for families looking to adopt a child however boys with special needs are disproportionately left out of the equation.

Parents who opened their heart to adoption

Porter Has Two Dads

Two dads have been planning and waiting for Porter since the beginning. See how the birth parents chose Porters adoptive parents.

Twins — 5 Years and 2 Continents Apart

Adopting an older child was a pleasant surprise. Ian gets to experience many firsts with his forever family.

special needs adoption from China | Wide Horizons for Children

Special Siblings Find Loving Family

Orphans Isaiah and Veronica were born in China with Achondroplasia, which leads to dwarfism. Ordinarily that might mean an unlikely path for adoption. But they found a home with an American family already familiar with the condition.

special needs from China adoption | Wide Horizons For Children

Special Child Finds Special Home

Ava was born with hydrocephalus, which meant her head was too heavy for her to lift. For this young child born in China this meant she spent most of her life flat on her back. Until a loving family stepped in.

Our Boy: A Family’s China Adoption Story

Our Boy

A mother who is one of five children was looking to expand her family with a second daughter. But when the family had a chance to add a boy with special needs to their happy trio, they couldn’t resist.

Special Needs China Adoption

New Chance For Cordelia

Cordelia had no future in China. As an orphan with Down syndrome, there was virtually no chance of her being adopted. Under Chinese law, once children turn 14, they can’t be adopted at all. That’s when a Massachusetts teacher entered the picture.

Adoption from USA | Wide Horizons For Children

Funding Permanent Families

A Massachusetts couple knew they wanted to adopt Jacob, whose mother had struggled with addiction. Once they committed to the newborn baby, WHFC was able to provide them with subsidies to help them complete the process.

Adopting an Older Child

Older Child Gets Second Chance

After being abandoned as a child and many years in an orphanage, Nubia took part in a WHFC program with our partner Kidsave. Through that program, she met the couple that would eventually adopt her.