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How the generosity of donors helped a dream come true for a couple wanting to adopt.

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Boys Rock That Extra Chromosome Too!.

For boys who have Down syndrome, it’s much harder to find a forever family than for girls who have it. If you’re ready to open your heart to one of these boys, you’d better be ready to experience a new kind of love!

Parents who opened their heart to adoption


You can never write your adoption story ahead of time, as same-sex parents Jason and Jonathan quickly discovered.


When you put aside your preconceived notions about adoption, you make space for wonderful things to happen!

Adoption Bringing Carly Home

Bringing Carly Home.

An American Adoption Story. Starring Dianne and Bill… and introducing baby Carly!

special needs adoption from China | Wide Horizons for Children

Children with Special Needs Share Special Bond.

Isaiah and Veronica were both waiting to be adopted. And, both children had something else in common: a genetic disorder, Achondroplasia, which results in dwarfism.

special needs from China adoption | Wide Horizons For Children


Ava is a charismatic little girl who was born with hydrocephalus and ended up in a Chinese orphanage. Her head was too heavy to lift, and she spent most of her time at the orphanage flat on her back.

Our Boy: A Family’s China Adoption Story

Our Boy.

In her own words: An adoptive mom explains the intensely personal decision to adopt a special needs child from China—and how bringing home her son has brought more love to her family.

Special Needs China Adoption


As an orphan with Down syndrome in China, Cordelia had almost no chance of being adopted. But everything changed when a teacher in Massachusetts opened her heart to adoption.

Adoption from USA | Wide Horizons For Children


Adoption subsidies help new adoptive parents Michael and Sarah take their newborn son home from the hospital.

Adopting an Older Child


Nubia was a teenager living in a Colombian orphanage. She never thought she’d find a family of her own. Then, she spent a summer in California through Wide Horizons For Children’s partnership with Kidsave.