Stories: Child Sponsorship

Child sponsored prepares her for a better future | WHFC

Unstoppable Youth

The odds were against Saloni. But thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, she has overcome poverty, the death of her father, and her own fight with tuberculosis.

Daughter Help Secure Their Family’s Future | Wide Horizons For Children

From Poverty to Possibilities

Laxmi and her husband struggled to provide food and shelter for their son and daughter in Mumbai’s Colaba slum. But that all changed through WHFC’s Community Development and Child Sponsorship programs.

sponsorship helped sisters survive | Wide Horizons For Children

Siblings Finally Reunite

When their father died, life became even harder for four siblings and their mother. There wasn’t enough money for them to stay together. Nigist and Meseret went to live with other relatives.

Sneha Child Sponsorship and a Second Chance

A World Apart, Yet United

Sneha and Shivani were both born in India, but the latter was adopted by an American family as a toddler. Now, thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, Shivani’s family is helping Sneha overcome destitute conditions.

Caught in Gang Crossfire

When Sofia’s father died suddenly, her mother was left to take care of two children, in a part of Guatemala plagued by violence. Sofia’s younger sister was injured in a gang shooting. But thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, Sofia’s life has been transformed for the better.

From Poverty to Professor

As a child, Dawit barely had enough to eat. Thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, he was able to secure sufficient funds to not only get the nutrition he needed, but to thrive in school. Now he is an associate lecturer at the Mekelle Institute of Technology in northern Ethiopia.

Ashenafi: His Family Finds a Way Out of Poverty

A Path Out of Poverty

Ashenafi and his siblings didn’t always have enough food to eat. But when their father applied for an empowerment grant from WHFC, his shoe store received the funds it needed to expand, securing a future for the growing family.