Stories: Child Sponsorship

Child sponsored prepares her for a better future | WHFC


Saloni lived in a slum community in a small home with her large family. The family income wasn’t enough to allow Saloni to go to school, especially after her father died. With sponsorship as her lifeline, Saloni was able to continue her studies, eventually going to college and getting a job so she could support her family.

Daughter Help Secure Their Family’s Future | Wide Horizons For Children

Laxmi and Mayuri.

Laxmi struggled to provide for her daughter, Mayuri, and the rest of her family. When she became involved in our Community Development program, she learned about how to start a business. Today, she owns a flour mill business with five other women and, through sponsorship, Mayuri is on track to become a nurse. A family’s future has been transformed.

sponsorship helped sisters survive | Wide Horizons For Children

Nigist and Meseret.

A child sponsor changed the future for these two sisters.

Sneha Child Sponsorship and a Second Chance


Sneha never dreamed she’d meet the American family whose sponsorship was helping her stay in school. Then, she learned that her sponsor family had an adopted daughter from India, and she was coming for a visit.


Her child sponsor took Sofia from living in fear of gang violence to dreaming of becoming a nurse.


All Dawit needed was a helping hand. And his child sponsor made sure he got one.

Ashenafi: His Family Finds a Way Out of Poverty


Ashenafi’s life — and that of his family — has been transformed by his child sponsor.