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Keeping Vulnerable Families Together

Children ages 1-17 enrolled in WHFC’s Guatemala Child Sponsorship program come predominantly from single-parent homes with several siblings in the barrios of Guatemala City. Mothers work at low-paying jobs or not at all because they cannot afford day care for their younger children.

Our sponsorship program helps to combat the consequences of poverty through education, nutrition and therapy. We have profoundly changed the lives of more than 150 children through sponsorship. It remains one of the most successful models for preserving families and protecting a child's future!

guatemala new"People say angels do not exist, but that's not true; they exist among us, and this program has been a blessing," says Maria del Carmen Moreno Ramirez, mother of a sponsored child.

Select a Child in Guatemala to Sponsor!

You can view photos and profiles of children waiting to be sponsored, and choose the child with whom you want to be matched. Become a sponsor today and ensure a child’s educational and nutritional needs are met while witnessing a family’s journey towards independence. Get started now!

How Sponsorship Works

Sponsoring a child in Guatemala at $450 per year funds:

  • monthly provisions that improve nutrition for children and families
  • education-related costs, ensuring that children can attend school
  • monthly group therapy sessions and emergency medical assistance, art and recreational activities to stimulate a child's emotional development and overall well-being

Our staff in Guatemala carefully monitors progress by following the children and their families closely. As a sponsor, you will receive an annual update, letter from the child or family member and photos.

Your Donation Provides a Brighter Future for a Child!

Child sponsorship is a vital tool for helping families stay together in the face of desperate poverty. For more information on our humanitarian aid work in Guatemala and how you can help transform lives, please contact us at 781-894-5330.

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