Down Syndrome Adoption

Adopting a Child Who Has Down Syndrome

If you close your eyes and picture yourself adopting a child who has Down syndrome, what do you see?

Do you see challenges ahead?

Or do you see yourself being blanketed with love?

The truth is that you will experience both of these and all places in between. But, the feeling of being blanketed with love will stand out above all else.

Down syndrome is a common genetic variation which typically delays a child’s physical, intellectual and language development. Like any child, each child who has Down syndrome has their own unique personality, skills and talents. And, like any child, those who have Down syndrome are best served by growing up within a loving family environment from as young an age as possible.

Hundreds of US families adopt a child who has Down syndrome every year. But today we need more loving families than ever — so many children who have Down syndrome are currently available for adoption.

Adopting a Child Who Has Down Syndrome Through Wide Horizons

We’ve been placing children who have Down syndrome for adoption for a number of years. Our personalized approach to adoption means that we will give you the help and information you need, when you need it.

While we work in a number of countries around the world, some have more children who have Down syndrome available for adoption than others. Right now, China has the highest number waiting to be adopted, followed by Colombia and The Philippines.

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In their words…

Levi is my bridge to the beauty of life where I never knew a river divided me. He is my warmth in the darkness, my laughter in the quiet, my calm to the storm. My little homie with an extra chromie has built up a voice in me to shout his worth to the world. His love for me has taught me how to really live. I am so grateful that God threw in an extra chromosome to the mix of this life and I wish more people had the blessing to be a part of it! —Gretchen Mom to Levi
I was so prepared for the hardness of adopting a child with Down syndrome, and not nearly as prepared for the daily joy and fun she has brought into our lives. —Emily T. Mother of Clara
DS adoption brought our amazing daughter into our family. She is a bright light that shines to everyone she meets. Without DS adoption we would be missing one of the greatest joys, one of the biggest blessings, slowing down and enjoying the small moments in life. We would be missing Stella. —Jenna Mom to Stella