Community Development

Giving a Child a Path Toward Stability

India is a country with more than one billion people, many living in extreme poverty. Children are at the most risk as their families struggle to meet their most basic needs. Wide Horizons For Children has partnered with Family Service Centre for more than 40 years, serving the needs of some of the most vulnerable children and families through adoption, sponsorship and community development.

Strengthening Families Despite the Most Challenging Environments

Since 2007, families in the Colaba slum community, one of Mumbai’s most destitute neighborhoods, have received education, life-skills and healthcare services that create a better future for them and their children.

The community development program improves lives by offering:

  • Preschool education and daily nutritious meals for 13 children and support and training for parents.
  • Adolescent values-based education for 43 teens through counseling and cultural and educational outings to improve social skills.
  • Family health education including pre- and post-natal support for 44 women, assessment of the health needs of 100 families, and in-home and in-clinic counseling and training for 148 tuberculosis (TB) patients.
  • Women’s self-help and savings groups consisting of 85 women who support each other, learn about the importance of saving, and the availability of loans and training to start small businesses that pave the way for self-sufficiency.

With our focus on strengthening vulnerable families through the Community Development program, Wide Horizons For Children and Family Service Centre help approximately 1,500 families each year.

The Community Development program gave me self-confidence and taught me how to save. I was able to contribute towards our family expenses. This made me feel good and strong.
Vinaya Chordekar
38, mother and member of a self-help group