Empowerment Grants

Providing a Path for Financial Independence 

Families that don’t have a reliable income have little chance of ever breaking the cycle of poverty for good. Many families enrolled in the Wide Horizons For Children Sponsorship program were already running businesses but needed a little extra help to fully support themselves.

The first Empowerment Grant was given in 2015 and added to the Sponsorship program as a way to permanently empower families so they could move more quickly toward financial independence. Grants have been given for a variety of businesses, including washing machines, seeds, irrigation equipment, cows, sewing machines, supplies for a shop to increase inventory, and furniture for a café.

With small investments of $650 on average, families can be lifted from poverty permanently within two to three years. 

Empowering Families to Shape Their Futures

Wide Horizons For Children social workers help qualified families create a business plan and work closely with them for months, teaching them how to manage their money, and how to develop and invest in their business. If approved for an Empowerment Grant, our social worker continues to work closely with the family throughout the terms of the grant until the family graduates due to their success.  

Since the Empowerment Grant program began, 120 families in Ethiopia have not only benefited from growing their businesses and becoming financially independent, they have hope and pride in their own accomplishments.