School Nutrition

Providing an Essential Need

Children at the Miazia 23 school in Addis Ababa came to school hungry every day, preventing them from focusing on their studies. During a school visit, Wide Horizons For Children social workers were asked by the school principal: Could we help feed these children?

In July 2014, Wide Horizons For Children answered the principal’s call and the Education Through Wellness School Nutrition program began. Each day, 40 children were given a nutritious school lunch—their primary source of food for the day. There was often no other food for them at home.

Growing to Meet the Demand

In 2015, the program grew, doubling in size to serve 80 children and expanding the services offered. In addition to lunch, children began receiving breakfast, de-worming medication to promote better nutritional absorption, and food rations during school vacations and summers to ensure they would have a reliable source of food when school was out.

Today, more than 150 children receive a filling school lunch to help them learn. The program also provides employment for six women from the Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program, who purchase and prepare the food for the children while earning an income to support their own families.

There are many children at the school without food. The Wide Horizons For Children School Nutrition Program feeds the children lunch and breakfast during the school day and provides them with food for them and their families during school breaks. The Program benefits the children in school: they are very strong and are actively participating in the classes. We are very happy for this program and how it improves the quality of education in Addis.
Hiwot Weldemeskel
Principal, Miazia 23 school, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia