Orphan Care

A child who grows up without the love and comfort of a family continues to face poverty and other difficulties. Because Wide Horizons For Children believes orphaned children deserve as much love and support as possible, we provide quality care for boys and girls living in orphanages.

Orphanage Support

Children need the love of a family, even if they don’t have one. Hogares are small, privately run, family-centered homes in Guatemala that are licensed to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Like a family home, hogares provide love, care, protection and stability.

Granny Program

Young children with special needs living in Moldovan orphanages are often overlooked which impacts their ability to grow and develop properly. “Grannies” offer love, care and individual attention, improving outcomes and a child’s quality of life.

Vocational Training

Children living in orphanages need guidance as they get older to help them become self-sufficient adults. Job skills and a safe place to live are vital for Moldovan teenaged orphans who “age out” of orphanages. Wide Horizons For Children helps them with vocational training so they have a brighter future.