Orphanage Support

Children need the love of a family, even if they don’t have one. In Guatemala, children face even more uncertainty due to adoptions being closed in 2008. Today, there are more than 5,000 orphaned and abandoned children living in orphanages throughout Guatemala. Just when these vulnerable children need family the most, they are often turned over to state-run orphanages, which are overcrowded, understaffed and provide little care or nurturing.

But there is hope, thanks to hogares.

Hogares are small, privately run homes that are licensed to care for orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. Like a family home, these hogares are staffed with experienced childcare workers who give children love, care, protection and stability.

Wide Horizons For Children partners with two exceptional hogares. Hogar de niños Fátima, founded in 2002, is home to 40 children ages 0-18 years. Hogar Luz de Maria, founded in 2004, is home to 41 children ages 0-10 years.

These hogares are redefining the concept of orphanages. They offer loving environments where children can thrive and heal from earlier traumas. When children enter the hogares, they are welcomed into a nurturing family, which is crucial to becoming happy, healthy and productive members of their communities. They stay as long as they need care.

Hogar de niños Fátima and Hogar Luz de Maria have each cared for more than 1,000 children.

We love that our home is a family. We make a huge effort every day to make sure that the children in our care have all of their basic needs met and just as importantly, know that they are loved. We are proud to have re-conceptualized what institutional care can look like and hope that everyone who visits our home leaves knowing that it is a place filled with love, joy, and a desire to prepare all of our children for a bright future, whether it is in our community or elsewhere.
Pedro de León Cofiño
Project Manager, Hogar de niños Fátima