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Education Transforms a Child’s Future

Throughout our long experience working with some of the world’s most vulnerable children, education has always been a clear winner when it comes to transforming such a child’s life. Education creates opportunity — every year spent in school increases a person’s earnings by 10%. Education also helps increase the health of mothers and their children.

Our Education Programs


In order to participate in our Child Sponsorship and Family Reunification programs, a child must be enrolled in and regularly attend school. We provide all sponsored children with school uniforms and supplies like notebooks, pens and pencils. A child can belong to our sponsorship program beyond secondary school through to their graduation from college or university.


We provide teenagers who are aging out of orphanages or from extremely vulnerable families with vocational training in culinary arts or cosmetology. This ensures they have marketable skills to build a successful career and become self-sustaining.


In their words…

I’m very thankful to you, dear sponsor. You are supporting me in my education and I promise I will not let you down any time. I’ll keep my words, and I’ll be a very bright person in future. Thank you for your helpful, I’m very thankful towards you, dear sponsor. Thank you so much. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. —Dipta Sponsored Child, India
I used to cry at night because it was almost time to enrol my daughter in middle school, and I did not know how I would be able to afford to send her. After meeting with the social worker, I felt a great relief knowing that my daughter could continue studying and would receive school supplies. —Juanita Mother of Sponsored Child, Guatemala
My husband and I never finished our education and I was worried that if Eduardo didn’t understand something there would be no one to help explain things to him. I am excited for his future now that he has the support of the teachers from the program. —Maria Mother of Sponsored Child, Guatemala
My parents had a meeting with the Social Worker who mentioned that [the program] would help us with our education. It was then that I decided to continue, one of my dreams is to be a nurse and to have my own clinic to help my parents, I want to be a successful woman, to help my parents with what I can. —Roberta Sponsored Child, Guatemala

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