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We Help Vulnerable Communities Build Their Own Healthcare Capacity

Through our almost 50 years of working with some of the world’s most vulnerable children and their families, we’ve come to understand a couple of truths. First, that those living in extreme poverty will always need immediate help during a healthcare crisis like the Covid pandemic. And second, that helping at-risk communities build their own healthcare capacity is the best way to help them move towards self-sufficiency.

To us, building capacity is about a couple of key areas. Healthcare infrastructure and skilled doctors. Without hospitals or health clinics, and trained doctors in or near a community, children and mothers are especially at risk of dying — mothers during childbirth.

So we help the communities we serve build healthcare capacity by:

  • Funding infrastructure-building projects
  • Providing medical materials and equipment to local clinics and hospitals
  • Operating medical missions to train local healthcare professionals

Our Health & Well-Being Programs


Highly skilled US medical professionals train partner doctors to do complicated ob/gyn surgeries, C-sections and deliveries. We funded and built the Leku Hospital in the South and the Atsede Mariam Health Clinic in the north. We provide medical supplies to local clinics and hospitals in areas where we run Child Sponsorship programs


We funded and built the Las Minas Community Center and are adding a health center to it this year. Children and their families will be able to get regular medical and dental check-ups, hearing and eye tests. We will send skilled medical teams from Guatemala City and abroad to train and upskill local medical professionals.


In their words…

Cristela received medical assistance since her admission aged 3 as she had approximately 200 lice, and a skin disease from poor hygiene. She is receiving psychological care and medical care and cannot be reintegrated with her family as they are still involved with gangs. Now Zamira is a girl who enjoys sharing with the other children, has healthy hair, is very affectionate and likes to be taken pictures. —Cristela Abandoned Child, Guatemala
When a mother dies in childbirth, it puts her child in a crisis situation. Reducing the region's extremely high maternal mortality rate will not only mean that fewer children will become orphans, but also make those children much more likely to survive through childhood. The building of Leku Hospital [in Ethiopia] was a true partnership between the government, the community and Wide Horizons For Children. —Dr. Fletcher Wilson Chairman of the Wide Horizons For Children Medical Advisory Board and an OB-GYN
Esteban needs neurological evaluations as the pediatrician suspects that he has some level of autism and proving this would make it even more difficult for him to return to his family as his parents have two other children with special needs. Esteban is included in the early stimulation program at a therapy clinic where he receives sensory therapy, speech therapy, and others according to his needs —Esteban Abandoned Child, Gualtemala

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