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With over 45 years of adoption expertise,  Wide Horizons is the partner you can trust to grow your family. We work with families across the United States to provide loving homes to vulnerable children from around the world.

Adoption Process

We understand the adoption process can be confusing and overwhelming.   We’re adoption experts and here to guide you every step of the way. Wide Horizons has united thousands of children and families through adoption, and with our personalized service, we will help keep you on track with your paperwork.  

Headquartered in Massachusetts, we work with families across the United States offering two service models

Full Service 

Child Placement Service

Regardless of which service model is the right option for you, you can expect personalized service, caring support, and the highest of ethical practices as we guide you every step of the way. 

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Two options for
Families across the US

We work with families across the United States and offer two adoption service models:

1. Full Service – Wide Horizons is licensed to offer home study, US newborn adoption, international adoption, and post-placement services in five states, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont and many counties in New York. Families in our full service area will work with Wide Horizons for their entire adoption process.

2. Child Placement Service – Child Placement Service families live anywhere in the United States and work with Wide Horizons For Children for international child adoption services and use a partner agency in their state of residence for home study and post placement services. Please contact us for a recommendation or to determine if we can partner with your selected local service agency.

For families needing more limited adoption services, please contact us at

The Adoption Journey

Complete an easy 2-step application to immediately begin your adoption process.

First, Complete a brief online registration form and make a payment of $300. Then, your adoption coordinator will guide you through completing your full application paperwork.

Apply to Wide Horizons For Children

The are 3 main steps to getting “paperwork ready”

1. Homestudy– The process you undertake to be approved as an adoptive parent. Your homestudy will  including meetings with your social worker, assessments, and education to prepare you for adoption.

2. US Immigration Approval (For international adoption only)- Pre-approval from the USCIS (United State Citizenship and Immigration Service to immigrate an adopted child into the US.

3. Program Application/Dossier submission – Every international adoption program has a specific set of documents that are required to apply to the program. This is referred to as a “dossier”.  For US infant adoption, you will submit a personalized photo album introducing your family to expectant parents considering an adoption plan.

It takes most families 4-6 months to get “paperwork ready”.

Getting "Paperwork Ready"

Once your paperwork is submitted to an adoption program, you are now officially waiting to be matched with a child!  How long you wait depends greatly depends on the program you select AND your openness to the child’s age, gender, medical needs, race, and sibling status. View current waiting times for each program in our Adoption Information Guide.

Waiting to be Matched with a Child

When a child is matched with your family is called a “Child Referral”. Your Program Manager will contact you immediately and share all the child information available including medical, developmental, social history, photos and video (if available).

Child Referral

For both international and US adoption, you will travel to take custody of your child and complete the adoption paperwork. Your Program Manager will help plan your trip and arrange for all necessary supports.   Refer to the Adoption Information Guide for the country specific travel requirements.


Its now time to celebrate your child’s arrival. Wide Horizons will help support all family members during this time of significant adjustment. Your local social worker will visit you in your home, offer advice and resources, and write reports that will be submitted to officials in your child’s birth country.

We know that your family’s adoption journey doesn’t end at child placement, and we are proud to offer a full range of post adoption services to our families throughout their child’s lifetime.

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