Special Needs and Adoption

“Special needs” is a very broad term that describes medical, developmental, psychological or emotional needs of children — ranging from conditions like low birth weight to limb differences, blindness and developmental needs. In some countries, even simple surgical intervention or physical therapy can be unavailable for a child living in orphanage. Yet, the ability of these children to survive is testimony to their strength and potential.

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Special Needs and Adoption

We didn’t know a lot about spina bifida, so we consulted with specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital about what to expect. After talking with the doctors, we felt that we could manage Mae’s medical needs with their support. After bringing her home, we learned that her surgery in China had been a success, and that Mae has an even milder case of spina bifida than we originally believed. So far she is a happy, healthy and bright little girl who loves to run, jump, ride her bicycle, and do gymnastics. The hardest part of parenting Mae is keeping up with her.

—Jennifer and Steven on Mae
Adopted through the Wide Horizons For Children China Program

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