United States Adoption

Since the agency’s beginning in 1974, Wide Horizons has been actively involved in domestic adoption and supporting families through the process. Our social workers and staff are experts in domestic adoption and parenting children adopted domestically. However, in recent years, we have seen domestic adoption activity decrease significantly in the North East states where the agency is licensed and where we historically provided expectant parent counseling.

We certainly know that there are many families who continue to be interested in domestic adoption and we are happy to continue to help families in this area. Our social workers are well-trained in supporting families in open adoption, transracial adoption, the adoption of children who were exposed to substances in utero, the adoption of children with medical needs and many other possibilities in domestic adoption.

All families adopting domestically need an agency licensed in their state to provide local services: Home Study, pre-adoption education, and post placement supervision. Wide Horizons For Children is licensed in MA, NH, VT, NJ, and NY and can provide these services to families residing in them. Our staff are also experts in the unique laws and regulations of each state.

If you apply to Wide Horizons for local services, you will need to identify a placement resource that is able to place children into your state of residence. We can provide guidance in this process — though it can often take a fair amount of research on your part to identify the right resource. What we know, is that remaining committed to the process typically leads to feeling as if the right baby found the right family!

Once a placement is arranged, we can help make certain that all state-based regulations are met and provide customized services based on the requirements of your state of residence and your placing agency.

United States

Wide Horizons For Children coached and supported us through the domestic adoption process, and, as they promised, we were graced with the exact right match to grow our family. Wide Horizons staff asked tough questions and helped us explore ourselves throughout the process. They normalized our feelings and the questions we were asking, and ensured that the needs and humanity of the birth family were front and center. In the end, we know we were matched with the right family, and are forever grateful for the skill with which Wide Horizons led us all through the process.

Adam and Ashley on Lamont, Adopted through the Wide Horizons For Children Domestic Adoption Program