Family Strengthening

Children thrive when they have the love and stability of family. Yet, poverty, hunger and disease put many families at risk, leaving their children vulnerable to abandonment. Wide Horizons For Children programs help families become more empowered and self-sufficient.

Child Sponsorship

Saving Families by Making Them Stronger

Children living in poverty have few chances to get an education or build a brighter future. Our Child Sponsorship program focuses on the most critical factors that help a family become more stable. When you sponsor a child, you provide direct help to families through personalized support and resources that pay for their child’s food, school and other essentials.

Medical Care

Keeping Mothers Healthy in Ethiopia

Millions in Ethiopia lack access to basic medical care. The situation is especially grim for pregnant women who frequently die during delivery. Wide Horizons For Children is improving medical care in under-served areas to help reduce maternal mortality and prevent children from becoming orphans.

Community Development

Creating Better Futures for India’s Poorest Families

India is a country with more than one billion people, many living in extreme poverty. Children are at the most risk. Wide Horizons For Children has partnered with Family Service Centre so families can get educated, learn essential life-skills and receive critical healthcare services.

School Nutrition

Giving Ethiopian Schoolchildren a Chance to Succeed

Many Ethiopian children don’t have enough food and can’t focus or succeed in school because of hunger. The Wide Horizons For Children School Nutrition program provides nourishing meals to children during the school day and enough food for their families to last through school breaks.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Literacy

In Ethiopia, illiteracy rates are high, especially for girls. Without the ability to read, write and do math, many children and families remain trapped in poverty. To break this cycle, Wide Horizons For Children implements Accelerated Learning For Africa (ALFA), an educational program where children who have never attended school are provided with full-time schooling.

Empowerment Grant

Helping Families Become Financially Stable

Without a reliable income, families in Ethiopia are unable to become financially self-sustaining. Empowerment grants, offered to families enrolled in the Wide Horizons For Children Sponsorship program, provide funds to expand or invest in their existing business or farm. With small investments of $650 on average, families can be lifted from poverty permanently within two to three years.