Ashenafi: His Family Finds a Way Out of Poverty

Sponsorship Helps Families Focus on the Future

Ashenafi’s smile lights up a room. He is happy. Maybe it’s because he gets to work side-by-side with his dad. Maybe he just feels hopeful about his future.

Growing up, life was a struggle for his family. With three children to care for, there wasn’t always enough to eat or money to go to school. Then, Ashenafi and his brother and sister joined the Wide Horizons For Children Child Sponsorship program.

With a stipend for food and education, the children were finally able to attend school—which gave them the ability to focus on the future.

Ashenafi and his dad have a reason smile. Funds from an empowerment grant helped expand the family business so they could save for the future.

But, Ashenafi’s dad wanted more for his family. He had a small business selling plastic shoes in Axum, the town where they live in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The shop was successful enough that he couldn’t keep enough shoes in stock and needed to increase his inventory. So he applied for an empowerment grant, which Wide Horizons For Children supplies to help start or expand small businesses, and worked with our staff on a business plan.

I can take care of my family. I can send my kids to school.
Ashenafi’s Father

His sales increased, and he began saving money. He was even able to open a savings account for each of his children—allowing them to prepare for the future.

“Please accept my family’s deep-hearted gratitude,” Ashenafi’s dad says about the help his family has received.

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