Stories: Orphan Care

Orphans in Moldova.

The loving care of a volunteer granny in a Moldovan orphanage brought siblings together as a family.


For abandoned children like Violetta, an orphanage can make a loving home.

Filling Bellies in Burundi.

How our project to care for orphans in Burundi until they can be reunited with their families touched the hearts of generous donors.

Child adopted saved from beatings


As a very young child, Fidelia was beaten by her parents and forced to beg on the streets for money. When she was 5, she was rescued and welcomed into Hogar Luz de Maria, a privately run, family-like home for orphans. There, Fidelia was given support and care. After three years, her dream of being adopted into a loving family came true.

Vocational Training for 18-year-old orphans in Moldova | Wide Horizons For Children


When he was 18, Andrei left his orphanage and the only family he knew. But, he was prepared to live independently because of the Wide Horizons For Children vocational training program.

Granny Program in Moldova | Wide Horizons For Children


Irina is a Moldovan orphan with special needs. The one-to-one love and attention she receives through the Wide Horizons For Children Granny program has helped her thrive.

Child Finds Safe Home in Hogar | Wide Horizons For Children


José, an abandoned young boy, finds a home at Hogar ninos de Fatima in Guatemala. The love and attention of his caregivers helped him grow into a confident young man.