Stories: Orphan Care

Separated at Birth

Four sisters were successively abandoned when they were born, each living together in an orphanage without realizing they were siblings.

Overcoming the Odds

Violetta’s mother, involved in gangs and prostitution beat and neglected her. When COVID hit, the situation became more dire.

Filling Bellies and Warming Hearts

Wide Horizons for Children donors helped Sister Alice save 20 fragile infants and 15 weakened children.

Child adopted saved from beatings

Triumph Over Abuse

Growing up in deep poverty in Guatemala, Fidelia was forced to beg for money in the streets by her addict parents. She suffered terribly, until she was rescued.

Vocational Training for 18-year-old orphans in Moldova | Wide Horizons For Children

From Orphan to Chef

Things looked bleak for Andrei as he neared his 18th birthday. That milestone age meant being removed from the only home he had know, a Moldovan orphanage. But a new WHFC vocational-training program has given him culinary skills, which put him on a path to independence.

Granny Program in Moldova | Wide Horizons For Children

Granny’s Girl

When Irina was abandoned after being born 2 months prematurely in a Moldovan hospital, few expected her to survive. But thanks to the WHFC’s “granny” program in the former Soviet country, and the special attention she gets, Irina is flourishing.

Child Finds Safe Home in Hogar | Wide Horizons For Children

The Boy with an Infectious Smile

When José was 6, his father left him at a private home for orphans in Guatemala. The young boy waited in vain for his father to return for him. But under the watchful eye of WHFC and our partners, the once-shy José has blossomed into a confident young man.