Suhana: A Stronger Family Through Community Development

Learning New Skills Helps Single Mom Become Self-Sufficient   

In 2007, Suhana was struggling to raise her young sons in their slum community in Colaba. The situation got worse when her husband deserted the family and took what little income he earned with him. Suhana was unsure and all alone. She didn’t know how she’d provide for the family’s basic needs, manage the household or educate her sons.

Through the Wide Horizons For Children Community Development program, counselors worked closely with Suhana, providing support to help her become self-reliant. She joined a Self-Help Group, focused on women empowerment, offered through the program. With her confidence blossoming, Suhana found a job as a maid and learned how to manage and save her money.

That same year, her oldest son, Rohan began receiving support for his educational expenses from partner organization, Family Service Centre. Today, Rohan has continued in school and is doing well. His younger brother, Kunal, has been also been attending school. And, Suhana is able to provide for the family.

Rather than being defeated when faced with a crisis, Suhana learned how to stay positive and face challenges with determination and a smile.
Avanti More
Program Officer

“We have seen a positive change in Rohan. He is in 11th grade and soon will be graduating. He greatly values what his mother has done for him and the family,” notes Avanti More, one of the counselors who works directly with the family.

Recently, Suhana’s husband returned home, but he struggles with alcoholism. Despite this, the family’s attitude and ability to solve problems has been dramatically improved. Suhana is proud of how she’s been able to endure so many obstacles — all while making sure her sons get the education they need and deserve. She’s considered a strong, vocal leader in her community — an example to other women and to her own sons, too.


The Wide Horizons For Children Community Development program strengthens the most destitute families in life-changing ways by offering practical help and real hope for a better future.

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