Separated at Birth

Now they’re growing up as a family, thanks to our donors

Marta, Natalia, Alina and Ilya were all abandoned at birth. One by one, they were placed in an orphanage in Moldova, each living with 10 or more children per room, isolated within their own groups.

They may never have known they were all siblings — until the support of our donors made sure they would grow up together.

It all started with Granny Maria, one of the real-life grannies in our Granny Program who visits the orphaned children and showers them with love and one-on-one attention.

After discovering from orphanage staff that these four children were siblings, she took it upon herself to teach them that they were family. Every day for the past four years, she has gotten the four siblings together to read, sing, explore nature and enjoy the familial bond they have since developed. Granny Maria loves them as her own grandchildren and has shown them the importance of family. They now know that instead of facing isolation and loneliness, they have each other.

Since then, the four siblings have become inseparable and moved into the same room.

Instead of being alone, these four siblings have each other. And they’ll celebrate the upcoming holidays together — as a family — because of our donors’ gifts.

Now these children truly feel what it is to love and be loved.

Granny Maria

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