Overcoming the Odds

From Mistreated and Unsafe to Healthy and Hopeful

Looking at the smile on 3-year-old Violetta, you’d never know she was once suffering and unloved. Tragically, that’s how her life started out… until our donors’ support rescued her.

Violetta’s mother was involved in gangs and prostitution. She beat and neglected Violetta. When COVID hit, the situation became even more dire. Lockdowns caused stress, loss of income, and desperation.

Kids like Violetta have suffered the most, often at the hands of their own families.

When she was finally rescued from this abuse, Violetta had 200 head lice and a skin disease from poor hygiene. After receiving immediate medical care, she was placed in one of our partner hogares — a home for abandoned and neglected children in Guatemala that is supported by gifts from our donors. There, she was cared for and kept safe during the pandemic. The loving staff at the hogar make sure all the children have food, medicine, and psychological care during their stay — thanks to the support of our donors.

Many kids like Violetta don’t ever get rescued. They become malnourished or critically ill. Violetta was one of the lucky ones.

It’s hard to imagine how she once suffered so greatly. Now, she smiles easily, has healthy hair, is affectionate and enjoys taking photos.

It could have turned out tragically for Violetta. But her future is full of hope — and it’s all because of our donors.

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