Filling Bellies and Warming Hearts

Orphans in Burundi have our donors to thank for their life-saving milk

As director of an orphanage in Burundi, Sister Alice has 20 fragile infants and 15 weakened children in her care. They’re in urgent need of nourishment. But formula and dry milk are the most expensive items in her budget. And she doesn’t have the funding to purchase enough supplies.

She worries…

What if I can’t get enough milk? What must I sacrifice? Will I have to give up the purchase of fruits and vegetable that the children love so much? Or delay a child’s medical treatment? What happens if an emergency expense comes up?

Sister Alice

But now, Sister Alice and her children have someone on their side: our donors.

Your generosity has delivered a nine-month supply of baby formula and dry milk to the orphanage in the last year. And our most recent delivery provided a one-month supply of 22 cartons of milk.

It’s all part of Project SAFE: Orphan Care and Family Reunification — an innovative new program designed to protect children in orphanages from food insecurity and provide sustainable support for those reunited with their families. Food is the most essential need for their survival and the first step toward protecting these vulnerable children.

The ongoing support of our donors is filling bellies — and hearts, too. Now Sister Alice can focus on caring for and loving the children, not worrying about budgets and supplies.

A big thank you to our donors for their compassion and for having a huge heart for the most vulnerable children.

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